How to tell a real FOX 5 employee from a fake as Twitter "un-verifies" journalists

As of April 20th, Twitter is removing "legacy" blue checkmarks for thousands of Twitter users who were previously considered "notable," including thousands of journalists who sought the blue checkmark as a way to delineate authentication on the platform from impersonation. 

Twitter's "legacy" verification process was often a source of mystery to users. It sought to verify people under the criteria of "authentic, notable and active." For the most part, that meant journalists, celebrities, news outlets, politicians and big brands. This was done to stave off impersonation on the platform. Many see the checkmark as a status symbol, sometimes picking fights with people considered to be in a lower class who were verified

Those who were considered notable could fill out a form in the app and were asked to submit examples of work (such as a news reporter's story with their name on it) and/or their government-issued identification. Some businesses also had Twitter representatives that they could work with who would assist with verification, particularly brands that spent money on advertising on the platform. 

Now, any user willing to pay $8 a month can "get verified" without any process of authenticating who they really are, which could subject the platform to more impersonation. 

With that, we wanted to share the authentic Twitter accounts of FOX 5 DC's reporters, anchors and contributors. Their Twitter accounts are linked to their biographical pages here on (and may have other social media platforms they use as well including Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok).

Melanie Alnwick - @fox5melanie 

Katie Barlow - @katieleebarlow

Bob Barnard - @barnardfox5dc

Tucker Barnes - @tuckerfox5

Nana-Sentuo Bonsu - @NSBonsu_

Matthew Cappucci - @MatthewCappucci

Steve Chenevey - @stevechenevey

Joe Clair - @joeclair

Erin Como - @erinfox5dc

Jennifer Delgado - @jendelgadofox

Rob Desir - @rob_desir

Tom Fitzgerald - @fitzfox5dc

Sierra Fox - @thesierrafox

Angie Goff - @ohmygoff

David Kaplan - @dkaplanfox5dc

Ayesha Khan - @ayeshakhannews

Tisha Lewis - @tishalewis

Jim Lokay - @lokayfox5

Marina Marraco - @marinamarraco

Wisdom Martin - @wisdomfox5

Jacqueline Matter - @jmatter_tv

Kevin McCarthy - @kevinmccarthyTV

Marissa Mitchell - @marissamfox5

Holly Morris - @hollylivefox5dc

Sue Palka - @suepalkafox5dc

Shirin Rajaee - @shirinrajaee

Stephanie Ramirez - @ramirezreports

Jeannette Reyes - @fox5dcjeannette

Josh Rosenthal - @joshrosenthaltv

Caitlin Roth - @caitlinrothfox5

Mike Thomas - @miketfox5

Gwen Tolbart - @gwenfox5dc

Maureen Umeh - @maureenumehfox5

Adrienne DiPiazza - @a_dipiazza

Taylor Grenda - @TaylorGrenda

We're also including some folks who are contributors or other employees of FOX 5 DC that don't have a biographical page. 

Kyle Carmean - @fox5kyle

John Colucci - @johncolucci

Ashley Darby - @_ashleydarby

Paul McGonagle - @pmcgonagle

Patrick Paolini Jr. - @patrickgmfox5dc

Producer Haylee - @hayleerademann

Producer Chris - @chris_fox5dc

Producer Corey - @producercorey

Chad Ricardo - @realchadricardo

Kyle Arrington - @arr2four

Elissa Salamy - @elissa_salamy

It is also worth noting that for the @fox5dc Twitter account, you will see a "gold checkmark" representing us as an organization. Most, but not all, news outlets who had a regular blue checkmark previously now have this to identify them. And some politicians will have a gray checkmark on their profile.