FOX Business Beat: MGM Hack Exposes Millions

The personal information of millions of tourists, celebrities, CEOs and government officials -- all who have stayed at MGM Resorts hotels – has been exposed in a hack. FOX's Tracee Carrasco joined us with the latest for our Business Beat.

Victoria's Secret is being sold

The company's owner, L Brands, said that the private-equity firm Sycamore Brands will buy 55% of Victoria's Secret for about $525 million.

Americans have $21B in unused gift cards and store credits

Although gift cards have topped holiday wish lists in recent years, half of U.S. adults currently have unredeemed gift cards or store credits that are estimated to be valued at $21 billion in untouched money, according to a new survey released on Tuesday from personal finance resource Bankrate. This whopping 10-figure number even includes airline redemption vouchers.