The Good Word: Cvrter, singer and songwriter

Inspirational singer Cvrter joins FOX 5’s Tisha Lewis on The Good Word.  The Florida native now calls the District home and describes his music as inspirational with a twist that includes gospel, rock and “trap.”

The Good Word: Youth minister and pastor Will Grandberry

Youth minister and pastor Will Grandberry joins Tisha Lewis on The Good Word podcast ahead of his Prayer for America mission. The Chicago native now calls the District home and plans to host a sunrise prayer on Capitol Hill and outside the White House.

The Good Word: Dr. Marissa Pei

Dr. Marissa Pei joins Tisha Lewis on The Good Word! She shares insight from her new book “8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are.” Pei also shares how to feel balanced, happy and at peace with yourself, both in life and in relationships. Plus, she discusses her encounter with Oprah. Join us!

The Good Word: Rushion McDonald, award-winning TV and film producer

Two-time Emmy Award-winning and three-time NAACP Image Award-winning television and film producer Rushion McDonald joins Tisha Lewis on The Good Word. McDonald host a popular iHeart Media podcast called Money Making Conversations and shares how he balances faith and finances. Plus, McDonald tells us his best practices for achieving financial success.

The Good Word: Monica Gary, former stripper turned pastor

Former stripper turned pastor Monica Gary joins Tisha Lewis on The Good Word! Gary shares how she went from hopelessness to hope after spending years working in strip clubs in DC. Her story also includes surviving a physically, emotionally and mentally abusive relationship. She is now a mother, married to a Marine and shares how she overcame adversity. Gary says her faith saved her, but she also has advice for those without faith. Gary is the pastor at New Wine Community Church in Stafford, Virginia. Join us!

The Good Word: Teenage mother and author Rennee Hubb

DC native, teenage mother and author Rennee Hubb joins us Tisha Lewis on The Good Word. Hubb had two daughters by the time she was 18 and shares her powerful message of perseverance, faith and overcoming the obstacles of teenage motherhood. She also shares how her faith transformed her hopelessness into hope and success. Hubb is the author of "From Bound 2 Found." Join us!

The Good Word: ‘Get Yourself Together First' author Gavata Smith

DC native and "Get Yourself Together First" author Gavata Smith joins FOX 5's Tisha Lewis on "The Good Word!" Smith shares how she helped her mother break a 24-year addiction to crack cocaine by using love, faith and forgiveness. Smith said drug addiction is real and that denial is dangerous and destroys people and families. But Smith's faith helped her save her family and now she is helping others to do the same. Smith is an encouraging reminder that forgiveness can happen! Join us!

The Good Word: Special Needs Advocate Shanna Ruffin

Special needs advocate Shanna Ruffin joins FOX 5's Tisha Lewis on The Good Word! Ruffin is a special integration coordinator in Northern Virginia and works closely with adults who have special needs. She shares how her faith inspired her to pursue her career and how it continues to motivate her on a daily basis to help those who need it the most.

The Good Word: Victoria and Joseph Riollano of Enlighten Church

Northern Virginia couple Victoria and Joseph Riollano, who are building a church from scratch, join us on The Good Word! The couple has six children and Joseph is a Yeoman in the U.S. Coast Guard and Victoria is the author of The Victory Walk. The couple shares how, with faith, they manifested their dreams of building and leading the Enlighten Church in Stafford, Virginia. The Riollanos say Enlighten Church will focus on community outreach. They also share how their faith helps them balance starting a church, raising a family, all while managing their careers, fulfilling their dreams and embarking on new projects. Join us!