The Good Word: Dr. Louise Bias, Women of Light founder and mother of basketball star Len Bias

Maryland native and basketball phenomenon Len Bias died from cardiac arrhythmia induced by a cocaine overdose two days after being drafted by the Boston Celtics. He was the second pick in the 1986 NBA draft. His brother Jay was murdered four years later. Since then, their mother Dr. Lonise Bias is on a mission to transform her heartbreak to healing in women across the Washington, DC area. She founded Women of Light and she joins us on THE GOOD WORD PODCAST! SUBSCRIBE NOW.

The Good Word: Mimi Frazier

Washington, D.C. native Mimi Frazier joins us on The Good Word! Frazier is a breast cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with Stage 3B aggressive invasive breast cancer in 2015 at 34 years old. 

The Good Word: Ben's Chili Bowl co-founder Virginia Ali

Ben’s Chili Bowl co-founder Virginia Ali joins The Good Word Podcast to talk about her Muslim faith, motherhood, youth crime, and what’s next for Ben’s Chili Bowl after celebrating 65 years in business.

The Good Word: Ebony and Jet CEO and Owner Eden Bridgeman

Ebony and Jet CEO and Owner Eden Bridgeman joins on THE GOOD WORD podcast! We chat about her faith, how it intersects with her role at Ebony and Jet, her upcoming one-year anniversary as CEO and Owner of the iconic magazine and its evolution. Plus we discuss Jet’s famous #beautyoftheweek and more!

Pastor Victoria Riollano, author of "Warrior Mother"

Victoria Riollano is the author of the newly released book Warrior Mother. She is also a co-pastor alongside her husband Joseph at Enlighten Church in Stafford, Virginia and mother of seven children, soon to be eight children! As we focus on mental health awareness month and ahead of Mother’s Day, she shares how we can instill faith in ourselves, our children, families and home. She holds an MA in child and adolescent psychology. She is a professor of psychology at three universities. Her writing has been featured on Crosswalk, iBelieve, the YouVersion Bible app, and Christianity Today.

The Good Word: Dr. Bobette Brown and Tabitha Capito

Dr. Bobette Brown and Tabitha Capito join us in honor of Women’s History Month! They share how The Lady Chapter is creating, mentoring and shaping women leaders. The Lady Chapter is a Washington, DC based leadership group for women.