Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas


Hi there! My name is Mike Thomas and I am the newest addition to the FOX 5 Weather Team. I am the meteorologist weekday mornings from 4 to 6 a.m.

I am a local product, growing up in Prince Georges County and enjoying all that the Washington area has to offer. My love for meteorology grew from the extreme weather we often see here in the Mid-Atlantic.

Hurricanes, tornadoes, and blizzards…we get them all! I graduated from DeMatha in Hyattsville, Maryland and attended the University of Maryland, Baltimore County to study physics and mathematics before finishing my degree at Penn State University in meteorology.

Before joining FOX 5, I was a meteorologist for Commodity Weather Group in Bethesda, Maryland. One of the top forecasting firms for commodities on the New York Stock Exchange, my time there helped me to hone both my forecast and communication skills.

While it was a great experience, it's nice to come “home” to the FOX 5 family as I was an intern for Tony Perkins and Tucker Barnes back in 2011! When not in the studio, you can usually find me being active on the lacrosse field or doing something to stay active.

I'm a huge hockey fan, with my favorite team being the Pittsburgh Penguins (forgive my family roots). I root for the Steelers as well, which leads to lots of friendly trash talking with Tucker Barnes on a daily basis.

The latest from Mike Thomas


Winter weather possible Monday into Tuesday; lingering cold key to threat

The recipe for winter weather and snow is really not all that difficult. You simply need air cold enough overhead as moisture is moving in and boom...you have either freezing rain, sleet, or snow! In the Mid-Atlantic though, it is not always that easy to hold that cold air in place long enough to give a purely snow event. You need certain features to align atmospherically which is actually a rarer occurrence than I think many people realize. Yes, we do get some big blizzards here in the D.C. region, but they are far from an every year occurrence. The setup has to be just right.


Sunny, cool Tuesday; windy and cold inauguration day

It's another settled January day starting with the typically chilly morning temperatures ranging from 29 to 32 degrees. FOX 5's Sue Palka says most of the day will feature a mix of sunshine and some clouds as temperatures climb into the mid and upper 40s.


Chilly, breezy Dr. MLK Jr. Day with highs in the 40s

Like Sunday, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day will have a cold start and mostly clear skies. FOX 5's Gwen Tolbart says the holiday arrives with lots of sunshine and a few clouds. But the sun and blue skies will be quite deceiving. Be prepared as it will be much colder than you'll expect. There will be sunny skies but get ready for brisk, chilly winds from the west at 10-15 mph -- and some gusts up to 20 mph. That means there will be wind chills. The highs will reach the low-to-mid 40s but it will feel like it's only in the 30s. Brrrrr!


Cloudy and mild Thursday with highs in the 50s

Our quiet weather pattern continues today with chilly morning temperatures in the 20s to low 30s under a cloudy sky. Morning clouds will break for the balance of another sun-filled day.