FOX 5 DC is now on the new FOX LOCAL App for your Smart TV!

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FOX 5 is all about making sure you STAY AHEAD with the new FOX LOCAL app for smart TVs. FOX LOCAL is currently available on Apple TV, Amazon FireTV and Google Android TV.

What is the FOX LOCAL app?

FOX LOCAL is a brand new, completely free local news app that helps you Stay Ahead of news across DC, Maryland and Virginia. Watch FOX 5's in-depth reporting about current events in the DMV and beyond.

Stream coverage of the biggest stories 24/7 on issues that matter to you. Get breaking news, traffic, weather, politics, sports, health and more. Watch LION Lunch Hour and the DMV Zone - and when FOX 5 isn't on TV, we'll offer streams of LiveNOW from FOX and FOX Weather. You'll also be able to stream other FOX TV stations such as FOX 5 Atlanta and FOX 2 Detroit - with more cities on the way!

Beyond streaming, you also can get video on demand featuring clips from all of FOX 5 DC's shows including Good Day DC, LION Lunch Hour, DMV Zone, Like It Or Not!, The Final 5, In The Courts, On The Hill - and much more. 

You can watch the app from anywhere. Visiting family in Detroit? The app will let you access FOX 5 DC for free. Or rather, are you born and raised in Atlanta and want to keep up with FOX 5 Atlanta? You'll be able to watch it in the app, too.

How to stream FOX 5 DC on the FOX LOCAL App

The easiest way to get the app is to search on the respective App Store on your Apple TV device, Amazon Fire TV or Google Android TV. You can also click the links below for more information. 

Apple TV

Amazon FireTV

Google Android TV


This is just the beginning of the FOX LOCAL app experience, and there's much more to come in the year ahead - more cities and more features. You can also see a quick demo of the FOX LOCAL app by checking out @FOX5DC on TikTok!