Missing Pieces: Into the Woods, Episode 6: Epilogue

Several months passed since we finished Episode 5. We’ve tackled many questions in the disappearance of Terrence Woods, but still hadn't found the one person who was actually there when the young filmmaker vanished. Until now. Finally, we are able to hear the first-hand account of what actually happened on October 5, 2018. And an interview with Terrence's close friend in London may make you question all of your assumptions about this case so far.

Missing Pieces: Into the Woods, Episode 3: Idaho

Terrence’s mother and father travel to Idaho – but a meeting with the production crew members and the sheriff doesn’t go as planned.  They are shocked to hear people denying what was in the initial police report and decide to hire a private investigator. Close friends of Terrence talk to FOX 5 about what they’ve tried to learn – and we discover a key piece of information: A photo that was taken when the crew went… into the woods.

Missing Pieces: Into the Woods, Episode 2: Valerie

Our FOX 5 team begins to trace the puzzle pieces of Terrence Woods’ disappearance. Cryptic writings in his journal are discovered and deciphered. A meeting with Terrence’s mother reveals even more clues - but nothing, at this point, can explain why her son went into the woods.

Missing Pieces: Into the Woods, Episode 1: 'T'

We meet a young filmmaker who has dreams of making it big. Those dreams take him around the world, to London, and back home to Maryland. In October 2018, Terrence Woods accepts a freelance gig as part of a crew filming a hunt for lost gold. Then, his father gets a chilling phone call. His son has disappeared... into the woods.

Missing Pieces: The Search for Alison Thresher, Episode 8: Hannah + Sam

Lies. Fights. Being used and abused by others - growing up was not easy for Hannah and Sam, especially with their mother's murder still unsolved. But they have faith and each other. Police tell FOX 5 what they need to bring Alison Thresher home and her children speak about how they are able to move forward in her memory.

Missing Pieces: The Search for Alison Thresher, Episode 2: Alison + Jim

Who was Alison Thresher beyond the headlines? For so long she'd only been described as a missing mother of two and a writer and editor who was about to start a new job with the Washington Post. Court records and interviews reveal there was a lot more going on in her life and may offer clues to her disappearance.