Stephanie Ramirez

Stephanie Ramirez


It was a high school history lesson on the Muckrakers that first peaked my interest in Journalism. It was a lesson on the power and responsibility of journalism.
Still, I never imagined I’d be a part of that tradition until my father encouraged me to tour Temple University’s School of Journalism (I thought I was going to study architecture). More than a decade later, it is such an honor to be shining a light on issues and telling important stories for FOX 5! 
When people ask what drives me, I tell them it’s my family’s story. Both sets of my grandparents came to America from Puerto Rico to start a new life in New York. My parents worked incredibly hard to make sure my brother, sister and I would have the opportunity to attend college. We were raised to advocate for one another, whether it be my family or our greater community!
This career has taken me from Philadelphia (my home-town area) to New York City, Cleveland and D.C. Each place has its own heartbeat, with incredible people whose stories stick with you forever. 
I’ll always be a Jersey girl at heart (South Jersey in the house), but I love living in Maryland. In the summer, I’m on the Bay at dog-friendly beaches. All year round, you can find me running to salsa music with my “hairy daughter,” a German Shepherd named Lola! 
Wawas are great! I also say, “hoagies” and reject the name “steak and cheese sandwiches.” It’s a cheesesteak! You can win me over with pizza. Just not with Old Bay on pizza! Sorry Maryland! 
Got an issue you’d like us to look into? Don’t hesitate to reach out!

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