Rambling and Gambling: March Madness with Thomas Casale

Thomas Casale of NBC Sports EDGE joins Josh to break down everything you need to know about the NCAA Tourney. Includes Final 4 picks, Round 1 best bets, tourney strategy, and what to expect from the top NBA prospects in the field.

Rambling and Gambling: DC sports and more with Joe House

The Ringer’s Joe House hops on the R&G pod to talk about his background, Wiz/Bullets Mt. Rushmore, the best ways to bet golf, and that time he ended up in the middle of a picture with President Obama and Bill Simmons. Also includes Josh’s story about watching a Wiz game (and getting ice cream) with Andray Blatche.

Rambling and Gambling: Being a Bookmaker with Dave Sharapan

Dave Sharapan of the Cash Considerations Show joins Josh to explain what it’s like being an oddsmaker, both off-shore and in Vegas. Includes how lines are set, the most popular prop bet of the year, and what it’s like taking big bets from Floyd Mayweather and Larry King.