Maryland Primary Elections 2024: How to find your polling place

Voters in Maryland are set to head out Tuesday and fill out their ballots for their favorite candidates in the 2024 Primary Election. 

The state has over 1,500 polling places

According to recent Census data, Prince George's County, the second most populated county in the state, has the most polling locations, with 251. Montgomery County follows closely with 241 polling places. Baltimore City has 194, Baltimore County has 189, and Anne Arundel County has 163.


Maryland Primary Elections 2024: Where to vote, who is on the ballot and more

It is one week until Maryland’s 2024 primary election on May 14, where voters can cast their ballots for presidential candidates as well as statewide and local races. Here’s everything you need to know about voting in Maryland.

Finding your polling place can be challenging. 

The Maryland Board of Elections offers two options for residents to locate their designated polling sites. 

Campaign signs outside a polling station at the Activity Center at Bohrer Park Social Hall in Frederick, Maryland, US, on Tuesday, May 7, 2024. Early voting is underway ahead of Maryland's May 14 primary election, which will determine which Democrati

Voters can use the name search to find specific registration details and polling place information. Alternatively, if voters have moved and not updated their registration information, they can use the board's address search.


Maryland Primary Elections 2024: What's on the ballot in each county

Maryland’s 2024 primary election will be held on Tuesday, May 14. Voters can cast their ballots for presidential candidates as well as a number of statewide and local races.

Check out both voting location lookup options below: 

Address Search 

Name Search 

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