Rare whiskey event at Virginia ABC stores to showcase highly sought-after spirits

On Saturday, Virginia ABC is set to unveil an exclusive collection of over 60 limited-availability products, tantalizing whiskey lovers and spirit enthusiasts alike. 

Among the offerings are nine select items from the renowned Willett Distillery, adding to the allure of this highly anticipated event.

Included in this lineup are sought-after drinks, such as the Weller 12 Year Wheated Bourbon, Weller C.Y.P.B. Bourbon, Weller Full Proof Bourbon, Weller Single Barrel Bourbon, Blanton’s Gold Edition Bourbon, and Blanton’s Straight From The Barrel Bourbon.


Virginia ABC introduces text alerts for limited-edition liquor drops

Virginia's Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority is launching a new text messaging system for limited availability products.

This limited availability in-store event will not replace the current product distribution process or future lottery releases for these prized selections. Instead, it offers enthusiasts a unique opportunity to acquire some of the most coveted spirits.

Each Virginia ABC store will receive a curated selection of the limited availability products, ensuring a diverse offering for customers. While the inventory will not be listed on the Virginia ABC website, patrons can expect a range of options at their local stores.

To ensure fairness and accessibility, purchases will be restricted to one bottle per customer across all available products.  Online ordering is not an option.

With over 50 limited-availability products set to hit the shelves on May 18, this event offers enthusiasts a unique chance to get their hands on them. Virginia ABC regularly offers special releases throughout the year, including highly coveted bourbons, whiskies, and other small-batch spirits. 

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