The Paolini Perspective: Episode 67

Patrick and Sarah are back podcasting together! Sarah gives a recap of her wedding. Patrick shares his thoughts on Chris Cuomo being confronted by a man calling him “Fredo.”

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 66

Sarah is off hopefully getting married so Patrick and Joe Di Scipio discuss the tragic mass shootings in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio. Is President Donald Trump to blame? What are the possible measures to stop these tragic events?

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 65

Patrick and Sarah debate President Donald Trump's latest tweets on Baltimore, and Patrick has strong feelings on most democratic lead cities across the U.S. Plus, the news that U.S. Soccer says they did pay the women's soccer team more than the men when it came to bonuses. And, is it creepy for adults to visit Disney World without a kid?

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 64

Patrick and Sarah cover a lot today! Are your coworkers draining your energy? A new study says yes and here's what you can do about it. Patrick has thoughts on Bernie Sanders cutting his staff's hours to paythem minimum wage. Plus, Patrick is fired up about Robert Mueller testifying in front of Congress. Also, we discuss the #hatehoax and if the internet is finally ready to turn on the online mob.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 63

Patrick and Sarah are back from vacation with a lot to talk about! First up, President Donald Trump's comments on "The Squad;" Patrick is very critical of the president. Plus, Scarlett Johansson defends her right to play any person or object in films and then backtracks. Patrick says he wants to see the MLB demote the Orioles to the minors, and more.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 62

Patrick and Sarah discuss a lot of soccer on this episode of The Paolini Perspective! Deadspin asked every man on the U.S. Men's National Team to comment on the U.S. Women's National Team's wage inequality. Patrick and Sarah discuss their comments. Plus, Bernie Sanders has a new plan to eliminate all college-loan debt, Patrick reacts. Also, we chat about Rosanne Barr's national comedy tour and President Donald Trump's sexual assault accuser E. Jean Carroll's CNN interview.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 61

SPECIAL GUEST! David Heyman is a marketer, Washingtonian and is an avid runner. David joins Patrick and Sarah to chat about Kyle Kashuv having his Harvard acceptance rescinded, OJ Simpson joining Twitter, DC drug kingpin Rayful Edmond potentially being released from prison and President Donald Trump's deal with Mexico.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 60

Patrick and Sarah discuss Beto O'Rourke's new 2 percent figure in Iowa's caucus poll. Plus, the shooting of Boston Red Sox player David Ortiz - should the Red Sox organization have held a moment of silence for Big Papi without knowing all the details of his story? And more problems for the Dominican Republic as more Americans share their experiences. Plus, Patrick has thoughts on Joe Biden celebrating "Best Friends Day" with a tweet to former President Barack Obama.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 59

Patrick and Sarah cover the most recent shooting in Virginia Beach and whether it received enough press coverage. Plus, DC wants to allow convicted prisoners the right to vote, Patrick weighs in. Also, the investigation of ex-FBI officials leaking "sensitive" info to the press and why the rescued hiker in Hawaii is now apologizing for her irresponsible comments.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 58

On The Paolini Perspective this week, Patrick and Sarah discuss the rescue of missing hiker Amanda Eller in Hawaii, the picture that shows the deadly traffic jam atop Mount Everest and if the cost to hike the mountain should be raised. Patrick talks the passing of baseball player Bill Buckner and the newly published video of Washington Capitals player Evgeny Kuznetsov next to lines of cocaine.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 57

Patrick and Sarah discuss DC's latest idea to assign ordinary citizens the power to issue parking tickets. NHL replay, why is it so dysfunctional? Patrick shares his thoughts on Robert F. Smith paying off college graduates' debt at Morehouse College. Should Smith have given all graduates a gift? Plus, thoughts on the Game of Thrones finale.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 56

Patrick and Sarah cover a lot on today's show! They discuss Alabama voting to end all abortions, Beto O'Rourke's Vanity Fair regret, is he even still a Presidential contender at this point. Should the Nats fire their manager? Patrick says yes. An Ohio school is eliminating valedictorian's all together, is the move ridiculous or good for a teen's mental health. Plus, some Fox 5 DC news with a brand NEW newscast.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 55

Patrick is back from Jazz Fest in New Orleans and he's recapping his trip. Plus, Patrick and Sarah chat about the latest with the William Barr hearings. Will Robert Mueller be the next to testify on Capitol Hill? We also discuss the latest job report, President Donald Trump's approval ratings hit an all-time high, according to a Gallop Poll, and an "adulting" calendar has Patrick and Sarah debating if adults should be rewarded for doing basic life things.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 54

Joe Biden is running for president and Patrick has thoughts! Plus, we discuss the huge week for TV and film with "Game of Thrones" and "Avengers: Endgame." Also, what does Rod Rosenstein's resignation mean for the White House? The White House Correspondents Dinner is dead, and who were the big winners of the NFL Draft? Join us!

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 53

It's the one year anniversary of The Paolini Perspective! Patrick and Sarah discuss Elizabeth Warren's idea to erase student loan debt. Plus, Patrick shares his thoughts on the Mueller report being released. We debate Bernie Sanders believing that criminals should have the right to vote and share thoughts on fighting in the NHL.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 52

Patrick is away this week so we have a special guest! FOX 5 contributor and political comedian Tim Young is on the podcast. Tim shares his thoughts on Beto O'Rourke's nickname and his recent comments on Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu. Plus, more turn over for the Trump administration as former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen speaks for the first time since resigning. Tim also has thoughts on Felicity Huffman pleading guilty in "Operation Varsity Blues."

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 51

Our guy Joe Di Scipio is back on the Paolini Perspective! Joe is the senior vice president of legal and FCC compliance for Fox Television Stations. Patrick, Sarah and Joe talk about Joe Biden's recent allegations of misconduct. Joe weighs in on Mueller's report being released to Congress. Plus, the latest in the Jussie Smollett case and thoughts on Maryland raising its minimum wage.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 50

FOX 5's Tom Fitzgerald joins the podcast to break down Robert Mueller's report and what this means for Democrats. Plus, thoughts on the arrest and allegations against celebrity attorney Michael Avenatti. Also, Kamala Harris wants to give American teachers a big raise, and thoughts on Gronk's retirement.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 49

Patrick and Sarah discuss Beto O'Rourke entering the presidential race. Plus, a new study says millennials are more stressed than ever over cracked cellphone cases, losing their wallets and fighting with a partner. Nancy Pelosi wants to reduce the voting age to 16 and Patrick disagrees with that. And Mayor Bill De Blasio implies that it was Jeff Bezo's affair that killed the Amazon deal in New York.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 48

Patrick and Sarah discuss "Operation Varsity Blues," the college admissions scam that brought down actresses Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin. New York schools are adding "Meatless Mondays" to their lunch programs and Patrick isn't having it. A recap of pop-culture over the past week including Jussie Smollett being charged, R. Kelly's interview with Gayle King, and more thoughts on "Leaving Neverland."