The Paolini Perspective: Episode 143

Patrick and Sarah chat the hypocrisy of the NCAA when it comes to women's and men's basketball. The disgraceful gym that was given to the women vs the men and more.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 140

Patrick and Sarah chat Gov. Cuomo's sexual harassment allegations, his statement that he won't resign, and should Gov. Cuomo have been appearing on CNN with his brother ever?

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 137

Patrick and Sarah give a recap of their Super Bowl thoughts including discussing Tom Brady's competitiveness, and a short list of other athletes who are the greatest of all time.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 136

Patrick and Sarah cover a lightning round of topics on today's show including the GameStop stock drama, Auburn Football getting a 91 million dollar facility but not paying players, NY Gov.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 135

Patrick and Sarah chat vaccine roll out in the DMV, and Gov. Larry Hogan appears to be putting pressure on the teachers unions to return kids to schools by March.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 133

Patrick and Sarah discuss the terrible events at the Capitol, and the need for President Trump to be impeached or invoking the 25th Amendment.

The Paolini Perspective Episode 129

Patrick and Sarah talk the Trump administration refusing offer to buy millions more Pfizer vaccine doses, plus how detrimental to children's health is it to not be in school.

The Paolini Perspective: Episode 128

Patrick and Sarah recap their Thanksgiving breaks, plus the latest with the Trump campaign trying to hold onto a failing election recount.