I Still Have a Keycard: Katie Barlow

Katie Barlow is Chief Legal Correspondent for FOX 5 DC. Katie discusses growing up in Georgia, her love for theater, running and meeting her husband.

I Still Have a Keycard: Matthew Cappucci

Meteorologist Matthew Cappucci might be the youngest member of the FOX 5 family but he doesn’t lack talent, ambition, or life lessons. 

I Still Have a Keycard: Caitlin Roth

Just when you thought you knew everything there was to know about Caitlin Roth and her marriage to Tucker Barnes, Caitlin reveals more! 

I Still Have a Keycard: Gwen Tolbart

FOX 5 DC Meteorologist Gwen Tolbart joins the podcast today and talks about her incredible career, growing up in Canada, and the challenge of not being able to see her mom for over a year during the pandemic. 

I Still Have a Keycard: Shirin Rajaee

Shirin Rajaee is an Anchor and Reporter. Shirin shares her story of being born in Iran and immigrating to the United States including how her parents built a life in Los Angeles for Shirin and her brother, how she got into UCLA, and how her TV career took off from there.

I Still Have a Keycard: Perris Jones

Perris Jones is a man of many talents including being a Fox 5 journalist. One of the newer members to the Fox 5 family, Perris shares details on his love for a good long island iced tea, his passion for rapping and writing songs, and how he overcame some financial challenges to excel at his career and life.

I Still Have a Keycard: Jeannette Reyes

Hear Fox 5 DC Anchor Jeannette Reyes like never before. Jeannette opens up about what she doesn’t share on her popular TikTok, her marriage, and how she overcame imposter syndrome.

I Still Have a Keycard: Melanie Alnwick

Emmy award-winning journalist and Fox 5 DC anchor, Melanie Alnwick, opens up about her personal life, balancing being a mom, journalist, and her biggest fear on the job.

I Still Have a Keycard: Jennifer Delgado

Fox 5 Meteorologist Jennifer Delgado is on the ‘Keycard’ podcast. Jen shares what her first year at Fox 5 has been like. From too many camera tickets to her favorite things about the DC area, learn more about Jen Delgado than you expected.

I Still Have a Keycard: Lindsay Watts

Lindsay Watts talks about growing up with a preacher as a dad, did she rebel? Being a bad intern at Fox 5 DC, and making the decision to have just one child.