FOX 5 Zip Trip Silver Spring: 5 Must Stops!

This week's FOX 5 ZIP TRIP takes us to SILVER SPRING!  Explore a vibrant downtown where you'll discover shopping, dining, nightlife, and more -- all just outside Washington, D.C.!

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There are so many fun things to do when visiting SILVER SPRING it's hard to keep count! Here are THE 5 MUST STOPS that you just can't miss when taking your own ZIP TRIP!

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THE BRIGADIER GENERAL CHARLES E. MCGEE LIBRARY: The institution is the known for its advanced technology. As the largest library in Montgomery County, it easily provides residents with vital information services and bearing the name of Tuskegee Airman and military hero Charles E. McGee - it even acts as a source of inspiration.

BLUMEN LUMEN: This twenty-five-foot interactive art installation is hard to miss and you wouldn’t want to. See the stainless steel flowers responding to weather patterns in the heart of downtown or speak to communicate with them, they may just respond.

THE AFI SILVER THEATRE AND CULTURAL CENTER: Movie buffs and novices alike can explore all forms of moving images here. The institution pays homage to artists, educators and audiences of the world. so come for a variety of films and stay for the history that the local community saved.

THE BLAIR MURAL FESTIVAL: Visit one or all eight murals painted on select Silver Spring buildings. Displayed for all onlookers to see is inspiration selected out of hundreds of artist as you walk the grounds you’ll be energized by the power of art!

THE FILLMORE SILVER SPRING: This first class music venue’s atmosphere can’t be beat! For more than 10 years they have been a link between influential artist and their fans. The lucky ones may even get a sneak peek at the sold out wall backstage - and with the array of diverse acts that perform here - you’ll never have the same experience twice!


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