FOX 5 Zip Trip La Plata: 5 Must Stops!

This week's FOX 5 ZIP TRIP takes us to LA PLATA!  A charming southern Maryland community, LA PLATA and its scenic beauty are located just about 30 miles outside Washington, D.C.!

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There are so many fun things to do when visiting LA PLATA it's hard to keep count! Here are THE 5 MUST STOPS that you just can't miss when taking your own ZIP TRIP!

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TILGHMAN LAKE PARK: There’s acres of nature to explore in this recreation destination! Be sure to take a stroll on the one-mile walking trail or a scenic fishing break on their floating dock. You might even spot one of the many creatures that love the park too!

LA PLATA TRAIN STATION MUSEUM: Curators say there's no better place to learn about the town's history. The sole surviving passenger station is now a symbol of growth! Stop by and experience the personal collections of the community and the stories shared.

B DOUGHNUT: There’s so many ways to satisfy your hunger here. whether that's from a refreshing fruit smoothie bowl or one of their mouth-watering sweet pastries! Just be sure to grab a fresh cup of coffee with whatever you order.

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LA PLATA FARMERS MARKET: Open on Wednesday’s and Saturday’s -- you’ll want to rearrange your schedule to attend this outdoor haven! This 4-decades old staple showcases an array of products from local vendors. Browse everything from home-made crafts to jams and jellies on your next trip!

PORT TOBACCO PLAYERS INC.: Calling La Plata home for over 65 years, this stop is the place to celebrate the arts! The actors work hard to create at least six shows a year. Don’t miss out on any of the must-see performances or other fun offerings for all ages!


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