Looming government shutdown

Millions of federal workers face delayed paychecks when the government shuts down, including many of the roughly 2 million military personnel and more than 2 million civilian workers across the nation.

Bringing back City Under Siege: Covering the crime epidemic in DC

City Under Siege was a popular FOX 5 franchise tackling the crime epidemic in D.C. back in the 90s. FOX 5 has decided to identify the current crime crisis for what it is, D.C. is once again under siege. We hear your concerns and we're telling your stories. Your safety is our top priority.

4 people dead after SUV hits tree in Bowie

An SUV burst into flames on a narrow road in Bowie Friday night after crashing into a tree. Police say all four passengers in the vehicle are dead. FOX 5's Shomari Stone went to the scene of the collision to talk to police about the incident.

World Culture Festival kicks off in DC

The World Culture Festival kicks off Friday for the first time on the National Mall. It’s the largest gathering in D.C. this year and people from all over the world are here for the event. FOX 5’s Jennifer Delgado spoke to organizers.