DC officials weigh solutions to illegal dirt bike riding

New York Mayor Eric Adams is getting praise and backlash for coming down hard on illegal dirt bikes. 

A city bulldozer destroyed nearly a hundred bikes on Wednesday. 

After the event, Adams tweeted: "This is only the beginning."

It comes as D.C. continues to see illegal dirt bike riding on the streets, and even on the National Mall. A video went viral over the weekend showing riders near the Washington Monument. 

Some believe the city should get tougher.

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Leon Kittrell does security for a bar on U Street NW where he says he regularly sees groups of up to 30 riders. He said crushing bikes is the right idea.

"They seem like they don’t leave this area, they just stay here all night," Kittrell said. "A lot of times, police be looking at them, but they don’t really do anything. I think they should hold them accountable."

D.C. police have a no chase policy and while there are no known plans to turn bikes into scrap metal here, Mayor Muriel Bowser said Wednesday that stopping illegal riding is a priority. 

"The chief, I’ve asked him to re-double his efforts on it and I know he’s looking at strategies and best practices nationally," Bowser said.

She added that dirt bikes are subject to confiscation while on the road and while in storage.

Mayor pushes back at claim that dirt bikes, ATVs are 'DC street culture'

"MPD is actively pursuing that as a strategy," Bowser said.

Some people FOX 5 spoke to say they want safe streets, but also love riding.

"I think it has to do a lot with the culture in big cities like this," said Liyah Jackson.

Naem Butler said he rides his ATV in Maryland and off the streets. He wishes there were more options for others.

"When I ride, it kind of gets a lot off my mind," Butler said.

A man named Mike, who opted not to give his last name, said he was born and raised in D.C. and has seen the dirt bike problem get worse. 

He said what New York did was "hardcore."

"And maybe it was called for if they doing the same thing that they’re doing here. If they causing accidents and stuff like that," Mike said. "I think it would be better if they built something where people can go and ride and have fun, so they wouldn’t be ripping and running down the streets with the bikes."