Prince George’s County entering ‘full’ phase 2 reopening Monday

Prince George’s County residents received some welcome news on Saturday when the county executive announced that they’d be loosening more restrictions and moving into phase two of the reopening process.

The expanded phase two goes into effect on Monday at 5 p.m.
Despite maintaining the highest concentration of coronavirus cases in the state of Maryland, Prince George’s County Executive Angela Alsobrooks says the numbers indicate that they will be able safely enter phase two.

Suburban D.C. counties like Prince George’s and Montgomery lagged behind the rest of Maryland when it advanced into the reopening process because of high case totals.

Those counties comprise the state’s densest population centers.
Prince George’s County entered a modified version of phase two on June 15.

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Some of the features of the full phase two reopening include:

- Gyms, fitness centers and other indoor physical activities may reopen with 1 patron per 200 square feet of fitness space, not to exceed 50 percent capacity, with safeguards in place. 

- Casinos, bingo halls bowling alleys, pool halls, indoor skating rinks, miniature golf and other recreational establishments may reopen at 50 percent capacity, with safeguards in place. 

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- Amusement parks may reopen at 40 percent capacity, with safeguards in place. 

- Social and fraternal clubs may reopen at 50 percent capacity, with safeguards in place. 

- Shopping malls may reopen up to 50 percent capacity, with safeguards and physical distancing in place.

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- All personal services that have remained closed, including tattoo parlors, massage parlors, and spas, may reopen by appointment only with one customer per 200 square feet of service delivery area, up to 50 percent capacity. Safety and health guidelines must be in place.

In addition, large gatherings of up to 100 people, or one family unit per 200 square feet (whichever is lower) can resume. 

Any venues that can accommodate large gatherings can reopen as long as they maintain physical distancing and CDC guidelines.

For additional guidelines, click here.