Carjacking spree near Rosslyn Metro ends in police shooting, suspect hospitalized

Arlington County police are investigating a Metro Transit Police officer-involved shooting near Rosslyn Metro Station, following a series of carjackings in the area.

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Officer-involved shooting near Rosslyn Metro Station

Metro Transit Police Chief Mike Anzallo told FOX 5 that one of their officers shot the suspect after witnessing him trying to steal somebody's car.

He says the first attempted carjacking victim was targeted on North Nash Street and Fort Myer Drive. 

After a foot chase lasting about three blocks, Chief Anzallo said the suspect tried to steal a yellow trash truck, and that's when he was shot and wounded on the sidewalk right next to the truck along 19 Street North and North Kent Street. 

"The officer is a little shaken up, but he's doing well," Anzallo said. "He's got a lot of blood on his clothing from trying to do CPR on the person."

Detectives said they're not sure whether the suspect was armed.  FOX 5 did see crime scene investigators recover what appeared to be a small empty plastic package. 

Chief Anzallo said his officers are prepared for incidents like this.

"We're certified by Maryland, D.C., and Virginia. They go through the longest training academy in this area.  It's a 39-week academy plus ten weeks of field training, so it's almost a year to get certified as an officer. And they go through extensive firearms training and use of force training," Chief Anzallo said. "That's one of the things we do train them on - if you do have to use your weapon to protect your life or somebody else's — but you do have to know your target and what's beyond it."

The carjacking suspect has been transported to an area hospital with serious injuries from the gunshot wound. 

The chief said there are no outstanding suspects related to the incident and the investigation is ongoing.