Indiana woman claims she is 7-year-old girl who went missing 21 years ago – and has DNA to prove it

An Indiana woman has come forward claiming she is a 7-year-old girl who went missing 21 years ago.  

Brittany Williams was living at a foster home in Henrico, Virginia, in 2000, when she was first reported missing. 

Police opened an investigation, even digging up the backyard of the foster home headed by Kim Parker. Parker later told police she sent Williams to live with two women in California, but police determined that wasn’t true. 

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Now, Kaylynn Stevenson, a woman living in Fort Wayne, Indiana, says she is Brittany Williams — and purportedly has a DNA test to prove it. 

Stevenson told WWBT that she stumbled upon her own case after Googling missing persons with the last name "Williams" — a name she said was "implanted in the back of my mind." 

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"And Brittany Renee Williams’ photo popped up," Stevenson said. "I woke my wife up out of her sleep and was like, ‘This is me! I know me when I see me. This is me!" 

Williams was eventually taken in by adoptive parents in Ohio, but the details of how she got there and her early years still remain fuzzy. 

Henrico police confirmed to Fox News that her case is still active and being investigated but did not provide more details. 

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