Inauguration Day 2017 Survival Guide: Know where to walk, find restrooms, and more

Inauguration Day is approaching, and the event is expected to draw in 1 million people to the nation's capital.

It's going to be a long day, and with so many people coming-- how will you survive being in the city? Fear not, we got you covered!

This survival guide will help you find the nearest bathrooms, what streets to avoid, items to leave at home, and more.


With tons of streets being closed on Friday, it's probably easier to name the ones that are open for traveling by foot.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security released a map of the specific streets open to pedestrians. You may want to print it out in case reception gets quirky or Siri can't re-route you to an open street.

Plan to give yourself enough time to get to your point B. Some destinations may require a three mile hike. Especially if you're heading to a non-ticketed area on the Mall and your stop is at Union Station. If that's the case, wear comfy shoes!


Good news, we won't be experiencing bone-chilling temperatures like previous inaugurations. Bad news, it's going to rain instead.

Temperatures will be in the high 40s, but rain showers and mild wind will be consistent throughout the day.

Remember, you can't bring umbrellas to the inaugural event. Be sure to dress accordingly; perhaps a rain jacket with a hoodie and rain boots might keep you dry. You don't want to be that person walking around drenched because you didn't get the memo.

FOX 5's Gary McGardy gave you the heads up, and it's only Wednesday!


Double check your purse and pockets. You have to be careful with what you carry.

Rule of thumb, if it's something you can't bring on an airplane then chances are you can't have it at inauguration, a nearby bar, or at any related event.

These are a few items deemed prohibited from Friday's inaugural events:

Plus any other items determined to be potential safety hazards. Check here for the complete list of no-no items...


Said just about any one standing in a crowd for over three hours.

While it may not be indoor plumbing, there will be thousands of port-a-potties brought into the National Mall. They will also be placed in front of nearby Metro Stations.

But if you're on the search for a restroom with a sink, the Smithsonian Museums offer public indoor restrooms.

Keep in mind, many businesses do not offer public restrooms.


Many companies in the DMV are allowing employees to work from home or take the day off.

If you have no interest in attending any of the inaugural events then take advantage of staying at home. The city will be popping at the seams, and do you really want to be a part of the hustle and bustle on your day off?

The crowds may also make any outdoor activities impossible to do.

Consider Friday your chance to finally binge watch that Netflix show you've been eyeing or getting work done around the house.

Some lawmakers that won't be attending inauguration are doing other things too. This is how some are spending their day.

If you do decide to venture out, be sure to look at this list of road closures that also include Virginia and Maryland.