Football coach could be facing assault charge after fight at Gaithersburg High School

The Montgomery County Public Schools superintendent and other school leaders are now planning to discuss updated sporting event security measures on Wednesday, in response to last Friday’s big fight between the Gaithersburg and Northwest High School football teams. 

The announcement comes after FOX 5 learned that at least one coach appears to now have an assault charge filed against him.  

FOX 5 repeatedly asked MCPS to confirm the alleged coach or adult involvement in last Friday's fight. The school system would not directly answer those questions. 

FOX 5 later discovered that in Maryland Case Search, the state’s online court database, a William C. Gant filed an assault charge against Travis Hawkins on Monday.

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Gant is listed online as the Gaithersburg High School athletic director and Hawkins is listed as Northwest High School’s head coach. 

In Maryland Case Search, the date of the offense is listed as September 16, the same day fighting broke out at the football game. 

A preliminary hearing is slated for November 7.

FOX 5 reached out to both coaches, along with several other officials associated with the schools and MCPS.

Hawkins confirmed that he did hear an assault charge was filed against him. He declined to say anymore at the time. FOX 5 was unable reach the Gaithersburg AD.

It’s still not clear who the responsible party is in last week’s fighting. Video posted to a public Instagram account by sports photographer Jim Keeley shows what Keeley says is the moment a Gaithersburg High School staff member is hit from behind. 

However, in reviewing that video, that same staff member appears to place his hands on another person first, who then appears to swat that person’s limbs away.

The fighting started with players and coaches on the football field at Gaithersburg High School. 

Then, after the game was forfeited and dispersed, more fighting broke out in the school’s parking lot and sidewalk areas. 

Gaithersburg police charged a 19-year-old and four juveniles in that second melee as MCPS continues its investigation into what played out on the field.

An updated letter sent to both programs on Monday also confirmed both football teams will have to forfeit their upcoming football game scheduled for this Friday, Sept. 23. The letter says the JV football games also will not take place this week but may be made up at a later time.

After several direct questions to MCPS on alleged coach involvement went unanswered, FOX 5 again pressed the spokesperson as to why MCPS won’t confirm or answer questions involving coach or staff alleged involvement.

MCPS spokesman Chris Cram said, "These are personnel investigations." He also told FOX 5 that they do not have all the facts at the moment and that, "MCPS will comment at an appropriate time."

The meeting to discuss updated security plans will include the MCPS superintendent, school board president, MCPS chief operating officer and athletic directors. 

Parents and students can view the news conference, planned for 2:30 p.m., below: