5 teens arrested in connection with violent brawl after high school football game in Bethesda

Authorities have arrested and charged five teens they say were involved in a violent brawl after a football game between Bethesda-Chevy Chase High School and Walter Johnson High School.

Police say the violence happened outside the Bethesda Metro station on Friday, Sept. 1, following a game between the schools.

Officials say 16-year-old Kharon Crosby of Bethesda, is facing charges as an adult, including armed robbery and second-degree assault. Two other teenagers, ages 15 and 16, have been charged as juveniles with robbery and second-degree assault offenses. Two 15-year-olds are facing first-degree assault charges.

Investigators say the accused allegedly assaulted and robbed other teenage victims following the game. A male victim, along with a parent, reported the attacks to police the night of the incident. More juveniles came forward over the weekend reporting that they were also assaulted.

Capt. Jordan Satinsky with Montgomery County police said the five teenagers all knew each other. 

"That’s important to know," he said. "This isn’t a pack of kids running around attacking strangers. Everyone had some sort of connection to another." 

The captain had a message for the youth on Friday while addressing the arrests with reporters.

"Look what’s happened. Look what’s been stirred up. Someone’s been hurt, multiple people have been hurt," Satinsky said. "You have lost, as well…as criminals, certain aspects as juveniles in rehabilitation. It’s really important to understand how you fit into society. Sometimes you don’t understand, sometimes even as adults. But before going into something, take a pause, be the bigger person, and don’t give into peer pressure."

The fight last Friday prompted Montgomery County Public Schools, in partnership with police, to implement safety protocols at football games. 

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5 teens arrested in connection with violent brawl after high school football game in Bethesda

Effective this week, stadium capacity will be capped at 75% for spectators at all varsity football games.

Other measures include banning backpacks, and students must present school I.D. Game times and dates could also potentially change.

Rex Garcia-Hidalgo, a parent of a student at Bethesda Chevy-Chase, said the arrests announced Friday are a step towards accountability. As far as the new measures, he said he is concerned they will punish the wrong students.

"It’s an unfortunate collateral damage," Garcia-Hidalgo said. "It’s not helping the situation, and it’s harming athletes who have nothing to do with these fights or brawls. Whatever you want to call them."

A spokesperson for MCPS said Friday, the measures will remain in place. The district told FOX 5 they do not plan to release a statement regarding the arrests.

Capt. Satinsky admitted Friday that the protocols may not have prevented the fight last week had they already been in place.

"Some of this is going to be education from parents to their children, talking to them about the consequences of their actions," he said. "A lot of that, they have to take a huge role in this. Just like I have to as a dad. I talk to my son quite a bit and daughter about these things. Police, MCPS, social workers…we’re not the end-all, be-all all the time. In fact, police, we’re usually the end. That’s how we end up showing up."

Officials say the case remains an active and ongoing investigation, and more arrests are expected to be made.

Anyone with information is asked to contact police at 240-773-6710.