Pressure mounting on NFL, Washington Football Team to release investigation report

Pressure is mounting on the National Football League and the Washington Football Team to release the investigation report on its hostile workplace and culture of sexual harassment.

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The day after NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell said he’s reluctant to release the full report at this time, Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis said he thinks it should be released.

Davis joins a chorus calling on the NFL to release the report – including members of Congress, former team employees, whistleblowers, and attorneys.

Goodell counters that he wants to protect those who came forward to help the investigation under the condition of anonymity.

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Critics say that reasoning doesn’t add up.

An attorney representing 40 former employees who participated in the investigation, Lisa Banks, said her clients want transparency, not protection.

She called Goodell’s statement "false."

Banks issued a statement challenging Goodell's claims via Twitter Wednesday.

In fact, some who participated in the investigation expected a report on the findings.

"We didn't know that we needed to ask Beth Wilkinson that a report be produced. We assumed that this would be something. We have 243 pages from ‘Deflate-gate.’ We have zero pages from our investigation that involved over 150 people that came forward at great personal risk to themselves," said former Washington Football Team employee Megan Imbert.

The NFL has released similar reports in the past. The league put out 243 pages of its investigation results into looking into "Deflate-gate."

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Bob Mueller released his report on the investigation into Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice and allegations of abuse and assault.

Goodell said he believes owner Dan Snyder has been held accountable and has not been part of team activities.

But Ron Rivera told the team earlier this month that he talks to Snyder once or twice a week.

Questions also linger regarding Congress’ role in the investigation. The House Oversight Committee issued a letter demanding more information, but it still has not received the materials.