Fourth of July weather DC: Severe storms could impact fireworks

The beautiful summer sunshine we've seen all week could be on its way out for the July 4 holiday. 

Tuesday and Wednesday are expected to be sunny and in the 80s and 90s, but with a cold front lingering in the west, there are some chances that stormy weather will ruin outdoor activities by Thursday. 

Expect July 4 to be extremely hot and humid, with temperatures in the 90s that could feel like the lower 100s. 

Most of the day will be dry, but there is a chance for some late-day storms that could affect any fireworks plans. Storms could be severe, thanks to the heat and humidity. 

Friday will see continued heat and humidity in the 90s, with scattered thunderstorms possible in the afternoon hours. 

The weekend will start off mostly the same, partly sunny with scattered thunderstorms and temperatures in the 90s expected to persist through most of Saturday and Sunday.