Zebras in Maryland still on the loose

Zebras in Maryland are still on the loose three weeks after they escaped in Prince George’s County.

According to an expert from the Maryland Zoo, catching the zebras is a little more challenging because while they look like most horses, they’re wild animals.

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"They’re a lot stronger than most horses. They’re a lot more flighty because they’re, you know, it’s a wild animal, it has a stronger fight or flight response. And man, they’re just super powerful and super-fast and they’re suspicious of everything so it takes our staff a long time to train them for things like … procedures, hoof-trims, blood draws, things like that," said Mike McClure, the zoo’s general curator, who’s responsible for operating the animal department.

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A viewer shared  video of a zebra spotted in the Upper Marlboro area just a couple of days ago.  The Zebras escaped from the Bellefields Farm in Croom, Maryland. 

The owner is a Maryland Exotic Animal trader. He has a Maryland license and had previously brought nearly 40 zebras to the farm. 

County authorities said they were using an 8-foot corral to try and catch one. 

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They’re still asking everyone to call animal control if you spot them – but don’t not approach them, even for a photo or video. 

Some homeowners are also asking people not to park on their properties to try and spot the wild animals.