Another zebra sighting reported in Prince George's County

Zebras are still on the loose in Prince George's County and one FOX 5 viewer caught one of the animals trotting across the road in Upper Marlboro Tuesday night.

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Chris Horrell told FOX 5 he took video of a zebra on Croom Road in Upper Marlboro on Sept. 21. Horrell said he lives just under 10 minutes away from where he spotted the zebra.

The animals were first spotted toward the end of August and have been on the loose in the Upper Marlboro area since. 

The Prince George's County Animal Shelter says five zebras escaped from a farm in the area at the beginning of the month. 

Officials say the caregiver of the zebras has been putting up feeding stations where they've been spotted. 

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Two of the five missing zebras were spotted on Sept. 8 in the 8400 block Croom Road. Officials say they travel together in groups, so it is believed the three others are together as well.

They were spotted once again on Friday, Sept. 17 by Keith Turner, who also lives in the Croom Road area. 

Anyone with information on the zebras is asked to call Prince George's County Animal Control.