What is 'bank jugging'? Police issue alerts to residents in Greenbelt, Bowie

Law enforcement agencies across our area are issuing alerts about jugging, where crooks watch you during your banking transactions and then rob you. 

Greenbelt police issued an alert Wednesday, just one day after Bowie police put out a similar alert. 

Bowie police say over the last two weeks the city has experienced an uptick in residents getting robbed. The suspects are reportedly targeting people leaving banking and financial institutions and robbing them onsite.

"I always keep my eyes wide open," said Jamie Lopez, a Bowie resident.

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A recent jugging incident occurred recently outside a PNC bank on Stoneybrook Drive in Bowie. Bowie Police Chief Dwayne Preston told FOX 5 he finds it disturbing these incidents are being committed against hardworking residents by individuals from neighboring communities. 

Greenbelt police echoed this sentiment, saying unsuspecting victims are being targeted at banks, ATMs, retail stores, and other locations, including their homes. These jugging incidents are happening all across our region, including in Northern Virginia. 

FOX 5 has learned law enforcement agencies are working together on strategies to prevent this from happening.