$10K stolen from victim leaving ATM in Fairfax County 'bank jugging'

Fairfax County police are asking for help in finding the suspects in what’s being described as a case of ‘bank jugging.'

The suspect is accused of targeting the victim who reportedly withdrew thousands of dollars from a nearby bank before going to a shopping plaza.

Police say the theft took place while the victim was set to go shopping on Sunday, March 31 but left the $10,000 they withdrew from the bank in their car.

The suspects, who we’re told were watching the victim since they made that withdrawal, broke into the car and made off with the money. Surveillance cameras reportedly captured several suspects and the getaway car. 

"I'm always careful about this," Springfield resident MD Rahman told FOX 5. "I put it in my pocket." 

Fairfax County detectives say those suspects are 43-year-old New Jersey resident Pedro Bernal Montoya and 33-year-old New York resident Antonio Ramos Acevedo. Investigators are also searching for a third suspect described as a Hispanic woman who may go by the name Mariana.

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Fairfax County police tell FOX 5 they believe this was a crime of opportunity and right now, there is no indication the suspects had any connection to the victim.

Police say often in bank jugging cases the crooks will camp out at a bank, overhear conversations and target victims making large withdrawals. They say this kind of crime is becoming more common and they believe there are likely more victims who were targeted by this same group.

"Be aware of your surroundings," Fairfax County Police Sergeant Jacob Pearce said. "Keeping your head on a swivel when you're in a bank or financial institution. If you feel like they look familiar or a vehicle has been following you too and from different locations, those are things to be aware of." 

Investigators say this is organized crime and urge people to switch their routine, pay attention to their surroundings and conceal any cash.

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