Washington Commanders sale to be discussed at NFL owners meeting

The National Football League owners meeting is underway in Phoenix, and the status of the potential sale of the Washington Commanders is expected to be front of mind.

NFL owners, potential buyers and the Snyder's have been incredibly tight-lipped about the sale process as it's played out, likely due to confidentiality agreements for serious bidders.

FOX 5 spoke to Senior Reporter for Front Office Sports, A.J. Perez who's on the ground in Arizona.

"Just hopefully talking to owners about what they know about this process and this whole sale process. We're not really talking about removal at this point. So they're probably arriving here kind of wondering."

Perez says in the minds of other owners and the league, the Snyders choosing to sell is a less sticky proposition than a vote to remove.

Indications are that no formal league vote to remove would happen until the completion of a investigation into the team by attorney Mary Jo White, according to reporting from the Washington Post.

At last check, there is no timeline of when that investigation will finish.


The Snyders clear out of the Washington Commanders facility, possibly signaling imminent sale: report

The sale of the Washington Commanders is believed to be imminent after owners Dan and Tanya Snyder have cleared out of the team's facility, according to a new report.

Perez says this meeting could set the stage for the next one in two months, depending on where things stand regarding the sale.

"We don't know what to expect. This was a mark on a calendar. It really didn't have any bearing on what Dan Snyder was going to do on the team. If this goes on several more weeks before the May meeting, if we're still in a situation where we don't know what Dan Snyder is going to do with the team or what the bidding situation is, then we're going to talk about removal," Perez said.

Perez says there's a large contingent of D.C.-based sports media at the meetings.