Virginia ABC introduces text alerts for limited-edition liquor drops

Virginia's Alcoholic Beverage Control Authority is launching a new text messaging system for limited availability products.

Starting Tuesday, customers can sign up for drop notifications by texting "drops" to 80424. 

The text messages are in addition to the email notifications the state agency is already sending out. 

The notifications are specifically for products like rare bourbons where demand often exceeds supply


Virginia revamps rare whiskey lottery system after uproar over errors

Changes are coming to the way Virginia dishes out rare bottles of whiskey.

In August, Virginia ABC launched a new electronic lottery system for its rarest bottles. 

The changes were made after the state said sorting errors led to "statistically abnormal results," in a May lottery where four rare types of whiskey from the Buffalo Trace Antique Collection were up for grabs. 

Now, as a result of the recent changes, officials said they’re confident the same types of issues will not happen again.

"We’re sure that this system is gonna run really well," Virginia ABC Spokesperson Pat Kane said at the time. 

For the new messaging system, customers must attest they are at least 21 years old to use it.