Therapist accused of sexually assaulting teen at Woodbridge park arrested

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Prince William County Police say a local high school was sexually assaulted by her therapist after he took her to a park in Woodbridge. Now, she's opening up about the terrifying ordeal.

The 19-year-old victim, who we're not identifying, says her therapist, Gary Horsey, took her to Veterans Memorial Park last Tuesday for a walk along a trail.

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She says Horsey was hired by her mother through an organization called Youth For Tomorrow, which provides "intense home therapy." The teen is developmentally delayed. Horsey had apparently been taking her out in public to assess how she interacted with other young people.

The teen told FOX 5 she felt something was wrong when he insisted on walking on a path with no one else around. She says she bent over to get something out of her shoe and he began touching her inappropriately from behind, then grabbed her hand and put it down her pants.

According to court records, Horsey was accused of indecent exposure back in the 1990s.

The victim's mother says she assumed the organization he was working for ran background checks.

Police say Horsey has been placed under arrest after a five-day search.

Youth For Tomorrow says Horsey has been terminated.