"That is on the ground!" Maryland tornado carves path of destruction as FOX 5 meteorologists watch

FOX 5 cameras captured the moment a tornado crossed a major interstate in Maryland as meteorologists watched it create a path of destruction.

It all happened Wednesday evening while FOX 5’s Mike Thomas and Caitlin Roth were tracking the severe weather moving across the Washington, D.C. region.

FOX 5’s SKYCAM cameras were rolling as the twister spiraled through Gaithersburg.

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"That is a tornado. That is on the ground. That is lifting debris airborne," Thomas shouted during on-air coverage of the storm. The funnel cloud crossed I-270 in the Gaithersburg area.

At one point during the coverage, Mike was pointing out the debris when sparks from a power surge flashed across the screen.

The National Weather Service will spend the day Thursday investigating and assessing the damage caused by the severe weather and will estimate wind speeds to track the route of the storms. 

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