Search warrants reveal more details about murder case of Reston couple

Court documents are revealing more details about the scene inside a Reston home where a married couple was killed just a few days before Christmas along with the 17-year-old suspect charged with their murder.

The Gunston Manor Property Owners Association told FOX 5 that back in October, someone mowed a 45-foot by 45-foot swastika on a field next to a community center. This field also happens to be across the street from the suspect's home off of Gunston Road Way in Lorton where Fairfax County police executed a search warrant in connection with the murders of 48-year-old Scott Fricker and 43-year-old Buckley Kuhn-Fricker.

When police looked through the 17-year-old's home, ammunition and gun parts were found, according to a search warrant.

It is believed the suspect shot and killed his girlfriend's parents after they had made attempts to end the teenagers' relationship - with the boyfriend being described as having neo-Nazi views.

The suspect has not been identified because he is a juvenile.

A search warrant for the Frickers' home on Black Fir Court in Reston showed several cartridge cases, a knife and a hammer were recovered. Also, blood stains were found on a bedroom wall, door and in the hallway. Bullet fragments and holes were also discovered in the hallway ceiling and in an office.

Neighbors of the suspect in Lorton said that when the huge swastika showed up last year mowed into the grass, there was thought that the 17-year-old suspect was behind it. However, instead of calling police, neighbors decided to just mow over it.

The Gunston Manor Property Owners Association has since sent out a community email asking if anyone in the neighborhood knows more about that swastika incident to speak with police.

Meanwhile, a family member of the teenage suspect said they never saw or were made aware of any swastika that was mowed on the field. However, they said he is out of a coma but still unable to speak. He is currently being watched by police and is being handcuffed to his hospital bed.

It is unclear when he will be arraigned on the murder charges.