RGIII's co-author of new tell-all detailing time at Washington talks sexual harassment content

The new book being written by former Washington Football Team superstar Robert Griffin III claims to be an "explosive tell-all … detailing the shocking mismanagement and toxic culture" he says he experienced while with the team.

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But Wednesday, Griffin took to Twitter to make one thing clear: he won’t be talking about anyone else’s experiences with sexual harassment in Washington, he’ll be talking about his own.

"Sexual harassment victims should share their stories when they are ready not when you want them to," Griffin tweeted in response to a question about why he hadn’t come forward with the information before. "The book is not about other people’s experience with sexual harassment in Washington. It's about my experience with sexual harassment in Washington. Hopefully, you will listen."

FOX 5 read the tweet to Griffin’s co-author for the book, longtime NFL reporter Gary Myers.

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"I think what he tweeted back and what you just read is pretty self-explanatory," Myers said. "I’m not trying to be evasive or vague here, but I mean, this is a very personal story for him and any, you know, further explanation or to expound on this any deeper, I really think it should come from him."

Myers added that Griffin was incredibly honest in talking about his relationships with Dan Snyder, Mike Shanahan, Jay Gruden and others for the book.

FOX 5 also asked about why Griffin appeared to be willing to come back to the Washington Football Team this season after quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick went down with an injury in the first game of the year.

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"When Fitz went down, if Ron Rivera decided that Robert was the best one, he felt with a clear conscious he could go back even knowing this book was coming out because the experiences that he had there in four years, the people that made it really tough for him and at times miserable, were no longer there," Meyers said

The book, titled "Surviving Washington," is scheduled to be released in August of next year.


Neither Griffin nor the Washington Football Team immediately responded to requests for comment.