Washington Football Team fans dwindling amid investigation, name change

With the Washington Football Team sitting at 2-6, facing a congressional investigation and still nameless after more than a year, some fans are choosing to switch allegiances altogether.

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"They’re the worst," former WFT fan Vivian Delgado said Thursday, adding that she now roots for the New England Patriots.

"This has been happening for a long time," explained former fan Shaun Taylor. "So yeah, I’m done. I just don’t watch the games anymore."

Apparently, they aren’t alone. Back in 2019, the Washington Post wrote an article about former Washington fans deciding to root for the Baltimore Ravens.

According to ESPN, the team is dead last in home attendance, nearly 1,000 fans per game behind the winless Detroit Lions. Also, memorabilia experts said they’ve noticed fans leaving the team too.

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"Maybe they’re going to the Capitals hockey or the Wizards are playing good, they’re going to the Wizards games, they’re going to the Ravens," said Bruce Fuselier of PrimeTime Sports Collectibles in Frederick. "I’ve actually heard people tell me that they’re picking teams, they’re looking for teams that are their plan B that they can go root for."

Brandon Steiner, the CEO of CollectibeXchange and AthleteDirect, said he believes the lack of a team name is hurting the team with fans too.

"In a really really incredibly high-level market where things are booming, the Washington situation is just terrible," he said.

Some suggested that maybe one day winning will turn things around. Until then though, the once-mighty Burgundy and Gold, a team with three Super Bowls and for a long time the fan base to match, leaves some locals wanting more.


"I root for the Ravens," Taylor said. "My kids, we’re in Maryland, the Ravens are good, Lamar Jackson is electrifying. They cheer for him naturally, and I’m like, you know what, I’m going to cheer for them too."

The Washington Football Team didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.