Prince George's County wants to end tipped minimum wages at restaurants

Prince George's County may soon phase in new minimum wages for tipped hourly workers.

The move could lead to new service charges on your restaurant bill, and possibly more unhappy servers.

FOX 5’s Bob Barnard says currently the minimum wage at Prince George's County restaurants is $3.63. 

The proposal under consideration by the Prince George's County Council would increase that to $7 an hour by next summer, $9 an hour by July 2025, $11 an hour by 2026. and $13 an hour by 2027.

Barnard say D.C. and Montgomery County are also phasing in their new minimum wages for tipped hourly workers, which could lead to higher menu prices.

Barnard also says some servers and restaurant owners tell him the new minimum wages could mean less take home pay.

The proposal is before the Prince George's County Council. No vote has been scheduled yet.


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