Panhandler called out after turning down job offer from business owner

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A Virginia man sounded the alarm on a panhandler he claims is taking advantage of their local community.

The Tazewell County resident says he offered a job to a man he saw begging for donations to feed his family. Instead of accepting, the man said the panhandler refused his offer, claiming he makes a better living on the side of the road collecting handouts.

It didn't take long for the business owner to join the man with a sign of his own to call him out for rejecting his offer.

"The gentleman told me no - that he made more money panhandling for a living," said David Hess, CEO of Tazewell Moving Company. "He told me that he goes to different spots every day and that his livelihood was panhandling."

Hess said he spoke out because he felt like people in the community were being taken advantage of. Police also recommended donating to reputable charities instead of people on the street.

The panhandler and his wife have responded to reporters and defended his actions by saying he's doing the best he can for his family.