ON THE HILL: Experts discuss how inflation will impact 2022 midterm elections

One of the key political issues gripping Washington D.C. right now is the country's rapidly rising inflation, so FOX 5's On The Hill spoke with two experts about how the issue will play out during the midterm elections.

Journalists John Bresnahan and Joe Williams joined the show Sunday morning to speak with Tom Fitzgerald. Tom first asked the pair about the midterm elections coming up in November 2022, and whether Democrats are worried about how the President's approval rating and rapidly rising inflation will impact them.

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"They are very worried, especially in the house. They've got redistricting, decade redistricting following the Census that's already kind of an issue for them. History's against them. The first midterm of a president, the party in power usually loses 26 seats, they've got a five seat, you know it would only take five seats to switch the house. So they're very worried. I mean, you talk to moderates, you talk to font liners, that they call, these are the democrats in the most endangered seats. They are concerned and they're concerned Congress hasn't done enough and the President has not done enough," said John Bresnahan.

Joe Williams added that the midterms will get even more challenging for democrats once republicans start campaigning, and blaming democrats for the country's rising inflation.

"You see republicans trying to do that. They're trying to paint the brush of the President who can't do enough to bring down inflation, and typically, people who do this for a living like us, know this is something that's abjectly beyond the President's control. But Presidencies are defined by things that are beyond President's control and all he can do is be seen trying to do something. And even trying to do something is better than doing nothing. And it seems like it's going to be an issue he cannot get his arms around before the midterms and before Republicans start blaming him and making it his mess to clean up," pointed out Williams.

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The pair also talked about how the inflation issue is being perceived by the American public, and if it will be the top issue going into the midterm elections.

"Inflation is still the top line issue. People still go to the gas pump and see that they're paying twice as much as they did a year ago, even sometimes in cases three times as much. That is going to be an issue because it affects everyone, everybody, every day," explained Joe Williams.

John Bresnahan added that he believes democrats will have to get inflation under control prior to the election, but said he is not sure if that is possible.

"If you look at all the polling, Biden's just getting killed on the economy and his numbers are, you know, dictating where the party is. You know, we just had the Fed raised interest rates by half of a percentage point. You know, Powell is talking about, you know, more similar rates by next year, having the prime at least 3%. I mean, will it start to cut into inflation by October, you know, it's too soon to tell."

You can watch the full interview and hear the other topics discussed by John Bresnahan and Joe Williams above.


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