On The Hill: Tackling DC's crime crisis

There has been an increase in crime across D.C. and District leaders have been trying to crack down for years, but what's working and what's not? Robert McCartney, a former senior reporter for the Washington Post and the host of “Think Regionally” podcast, is On The Hill to discuss the growing crime crisis in D.C.

All-boys Washington Jesuit Academy seeks to help young men in underserved communities across DMV

At a time when young teens are the lead suspects in rampant carjackings and gun violence, the all-boys, tuition-free school of Washington Jesuit Academy is working to nurture and grow the minds of young boys in underserved areas in the DMV. Mom Michelle Roberts, who is raising six kids ranging in age from 23 to 7, her 10-year-old son Roman Roberts and the President of WJA Marcus Washington all join On The Hill to discuss the impact the school is having for many young men.

Rep. George Santos expelled from Congress for fraud, ethical violations

Less than a year after taking office, Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y., has been expelled from the House over allegations of fraud, conspiracy and ethical violations. Reuters White House correspondent Jeff Mason and USA Today White House correspondent Joey Garrison join On The Hill to discuss the decision and what’s next for the GOP in the House as their majority gets slimmer.

Israel-Hamas hostage deal: What comes after the ceasefire ends?

As the tenuous deal between Israel and Hamas is held and hostages are released, many question what will come after the ceasefire ends. Retired Navy captain, former Pentagon official and current Senior Fellow at The Heritage Foundation Brent Sadler gives his perspective on the hostage deal between Israel and what’s next.

Congress wrestles with continuing aid to Israel

On Capitol Hill, lawmakers are wrestling with continuing U.S. aid to Israel as well as aid to Ukraine. These are just a few of the key issues Democrats and Republicans have to tackle. Bloomberg politics editor Laura Davison joins On The Hill to discuss what's happening in Congress.

FBI warns of elevated threat of terrorism as Israel-Hamas war continues

Experts are warning of an increased threat of attack on American soil as the Israel-Hamas War goes on. Senior Foreign affairs expert with the Brookings Institute and author of Military History for the Modern Strategist Micahel O'Hanlon is On The Hill to discuss what's happening abroad and how it impacts the U.S.

Maryland congressman responds to backlash after Greenbelt selected as location for new FBI headquarters

Maryland Congressman Glenn Ivey is firing back at Virginia lawmakers and the director of the FBI for questioning the fairness of the process that selected Greenbelt, Maryland as the new headquarters of the FBI. Ivey tells FOX 5’s On The Hill that he thinks Virginia Democratic Sens. Mark Warner and Tim Kaine “went too far” in their criticisms of the General Services Administration, which chose the location.

On The Hill: New jobs report shows economy cooling

The economy appears to be cooling off, according to latest jobs report. Today, Michael Bright, CEO of Structured Finance Association, joins On The Hill to talk about the current state of the economy and where we are headed with inflation.

On The Hill: What role does the U.S. play in the Israel-Hamas war?

As the war between Israel and Hamas continues, there are questions about what role the U.S. should play and if America could be drawn further into an even larger conflict. Former U.S. ambassador to Yemen Gerald Feierstein talks about the complex relationships between the Middle Eastern countries and where the U.S. fits in that.