Montgomery County in focus

Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich joins FOX 5's Tom Fitzgerald to discuss a range of issues impacting Maryland's most densely populated county - including vaccinations and law enforcement.

FOX 5 On The Hill: Political Panel

GOP strategist Quill Robinson and Democratic strategist Bre Maxwell join the show to discuss top headlines including Afghanistan, Texas' new abortion ban and Pres. Biden's vaccine mandates.

FOX 5 On The Hill: Pakistan Ambassador

Dr. Asad Majeed Khan- Pakistan’s Ambassador to the U.S., joins the show to discuss the Taliban's takeover in Afghanistan. Watch to the end for his response to criticism that Pakistan has aided the Taliban for years.

FOX 5 On The Hill: More Afghanistan Analysis

FOX 5's Tom Fitzgerald speaks with Omar Masroor, a local restaurateur from Afghanistan, as well as retired Army Major Mike Lyons on the tactical situation in Afghanistan as U.S. troops prepare to leave.

FOX 5 On The Hill: Budget Bills

Former Democratic Senate Banking Committee staff director Dwight Fettig and former GOP Senate tax aid Michael McHugh join the show to break down how reconciliation bills work.