Mom in custody after 5-year-old child pulled from hot car in Hyattsville: police

A Hyattsville mom is in custody after her 5-year-old was rescued from a hot car where she had been for hours, police say. 

Brianna Willacy was arrested and charged on Friday, July 29 after her daughter was found locked in a car in the 3800 block of Oliver Street. 

According to police, a Good Samaritan called to report a child left alone in a car as temperatures were rising. A window was partially down and officers were able to reach in to unlock a door.

Police learned that the little girl had been inside the car for several hours while her mother was visiting a home nearby. 

"It’s never ok to leave a young child unattended but it is particularly dangerous to do so in a vehicle when there is a heat advisory," the Hyattsville Police Department said in a tweet. 

"Even with a window partially down, temperatures rise quickly and can become deadly. Children, dependent adults and even pets should simply never be left alone in a vehicle during extreme temperatures," they added. 

Willacy has since been charged with neglect of a minor, unattended child left confined in a vehicle and reckless endangerment.

Child Protective Services was also notified and an investigation is underway.