Loudoun County to vote on paving parts of gravel roads

Loudoun County is deciding whether to pave parts of its 250 miles of gravel roads. 

Every year, county supervisors work in conjunction with VDOT to determine if a road is considered a rural-rustic road – and whether some need to be paved. The county is expected to vote on the possibility of paving portions of Old Wheatland and Canby Road in Western Loudoun in September. 

The community is split on the decision, but both agree safety is paramount. Those who want paving say some sections of the road are in rough shape between erosion and potholes. 

But those who don’t want paving say people should just slow down, and worry that adding pavement will make roads more popular for cut-thru’s and people will drive faster.

The conversation about paving parts of Old Waterford and Canby Road is causing concern from a group called Loudoun’s Future, which says they’re a non-partisan political action committee focused on preserving Loudoun’s character by preventing sprawl and overcrowding.

Loudoun's Future President John Lovegrove believes the process by which roads are chosen seems inconsistent and wants to preserve the history of these roads.

"We want to keep it Loudoun County, we want to keep it beautiful. We have a way of life out here that we want to preserve. We don’t want to become supersized," said Lovegrove. 

But the majority of landowners who live along these portions of roadway say they want it paved, according to a survey from the Loudoun County government. 

"The houses are new and modern, not log cabins. There are power lines, streetlights, electric house lights, satellite dishes, cell phone towers, and even mailboxes. The street signs are there whether the road is paved or not. The only thing not modernized is the road itself, and that makes no sense," said resident William Clark.