Looking for a dog? Dougie Fresh is in need of a fur-ever home

A local dog with special needs in Alexandria, Virginia, is in need of a fur-ever home. The veterinarian who saved his life is battling breast cancer. Due to the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation, she wants him to find a new companion who is strong enough to care for him.

The nine-year-old boxer named Dougie Fresh was taken to Kingsview Animal Hospital four weeks ago to be euthanized, but when Dr. Elissa Thorndike looked into his eyes, she couldn’t let that happen and ended up saving him.

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"When I saw him in that room looking so bright and alert and wonderful, even though he had a serious injury, he has a back injury that does not allow him to use his hind legs. I just thought he got so much life left in him and you can see it in his eyes. He’s so engaged. I just made a very quick… there was no thinking… my heart just said we’re going to take him today and we’re going to figure out the rest later," said Thorndike.

Dougie Fresh has trouble walking and can’t stand on his own. His legs gave out so he uses a wheelchair to move around.

"These animals with these problems can be the most wonderful pets," said Thorndike.

If interested in making Dougie Fresh the newest member of your loving home, e-mail Dr. Thorndike at elissathorndike@hotmail.com.

Dr. Thorndike wants the new owner to be a dog lover and have patience because Dougie Fresh can’t do things other dogs can do. She also wants the person to be committed, in it for the long haul, not a temporary owner.

Dr. Thorndike is so grateful that Sanctuary Acres Boxer Rescue stepped in to raise money for Dougie Fresh’s wheels, harnesses, and his new favorite toy "monkey fresh."