Judge asks for public feedback on potential early release for convicted kingpin Rayful Edmond

A Federal judge has asked for public comment on the potential early release of notorious D.C. drug kingpin Rayful Edmond III.

In February, Federal prosecutors advocated for Edmond's early release, citing his cooperation in multiple investigations since his second conviction in 1994.

Edmond was initially convicted in 1990. In 1996, he was arrested for trafficking drugs from behind bars.

He is currently serving a life sentence without parole.

On Thursday, the Office of the Attorney General asked for public comment on behalf of Judge Emmet G. Sullivan of the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia.

Edmond began cooperating with law enforcement after he was charged in prison.

Prosecutors say Edmond's cooperation enabled them to arrest eight people involved in a District drug ring, and recover $190,000 in drug proceeds.

Finally, they say Edmond gave prosecutors information on two homicides - and testified in the trial of one of the homicides.

In exchange for his initial plea, prosecutors helped reduce the sentence for his mother, Constance Perry, who was serving a sentence for her role in the drug conspiracy.

Following Perry's release, prosecutors say Edmond kept cooperating with law enforcement.

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