How much ice melt do you need? Not as much as you think

We're tracking what could be the first measurable snow to hit the D.C. region this season – and many will break out the ice melt to keep their sidewalks and driveways free from ice.

But how much ice melt do you really need?

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Ryan Zerbe, with the Maryland Department of Environmental Protection in Montgomery County, says not as much as you think.

FOX 5's Melanie Alnwick spoke with Zerbe who said a 12-ounce coffee mug is really all that's needed to protect your driveway or your section of walkway.

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Zerbe demonstrated that 12 ounces of melt would cover a typical driveway -- about 20 feet by 10 feet -- or approximately 10 sidewalk squares which adds up to about 40 feet.

Zerbe says if you want to keep your area ice free:

- Shovel first and shovel early

- Be sensible -- less is more when it comes to ice melt

- After it melts -- sweep it up -- it can be reused