'Happy to be relinquishing my barber duties!' Arlington barber shares sweet note from client’s wife

Jim Moore is the owner of Moore’s Barbershop in Arlington, Virginia. The business closed for two months – in April and May – of 2020. They were able to reopen in June with safety protocols in place.

Mr. Moore told FOX 5 clients are starting to feel more comfortable coming back.

A 91-year-old recently returned to Mr. Moore’s chair for the first time in over a year. He waited until he was fully vaccinated.

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After the man, named Warren, got a haircut, he handed his barber, Mr. Moore, a note from his wife Maria.

The card reads, "I am so happy to be relinquishing my barber duties – you have no idea! I don’t know what was worse – having to learn on the fly or taking instructions from my client!"

Mr. Moore said the fact that someone took the time to give him a handwritten note really touched him.

He posted it on Twitter and it’s gaining lots of attention with over 1,000 likes.

Mr. Moore called Warren’s wife, Maria, to thank her.

"She said she used YouTube and other kind of videos to help her, but she could never get it. She said what you do is an art, Jim. I appreciate it and I want you to know that," said Moore.

Inside the card was also a generous tip.

"It’s not about the money it was about the thought and the fact that she took the time to write the note to me meant so much more to me than the money ever could," said Moore.

The relationship with his client, Warren, goes beyond the barbershop. One day after work, Mr. Moore helped him re-install a smoke detector at his house.

Mr. Moore was an Arlington firefighter for 32 years before retiring this past summer.