Hamsters available for adoption at Prince William County Animal Shelter

Dogs and cats aren't the only furry friends you can adopt from the Prince William County Animal Shelter. The police department posted a tweet Wednesday letting residents know hamsters are also available to those seeking a new pet.

According to the county's Petfinder page under small and furry animals, there are 10 hamsters and gerbils available for adoption, including Lady Whistledown, Chewella Deville and a few babies that need names.

Lady Whistledown, hamster (Photo: Petfinder)

Chewella Deville, hamster (Photo: Petfinder)

Brimsley, hamster (Photo: Petfinder)

Baby gerbil (Photo: Petfinder)

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If you're interested in adoption, you can schedule an appointment by phone at 703-792-6465 or email animalshelter@pwcgov.org.