DC mayor says no ‘hot spots’ for coronavirus

Mayor Muriel Bowser on Wednesday said District data doesn’t show any particular hotspots amid the coronavirus outbreak in the nation’s capital.

The highest concentration of cases – 101 – is currently in Ward 6, which includes a section of Capitol Hill, along with Petworth and Takoma.

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The fewest cases are in Ward 8.

On Tuesday, the mayor indicated that the city would be providing morning updates on the number of cases, and where the neighborhoods those cases were confirmed in.

At this point, 21 firefighters and emergency works have tested positive for the novel coronavirus, and 177 are in quarantine.

Twelve D.C. police officers have been confirmed as having COVID-19, and 154 are quarantined.

The Infection Control Group is working with D.C. Health to identify who they may have had contact with, and notify them.


The administration also announced that one department of corrections officer had been diagnosed as having the virus, while 103 are quarantined.

Five people in custody have been confirmed as having the novel coronavirus, and 88 are isolated or quarantined.

On Wednesday morning, the ACLU announced that it had filed a lawsuit against the D.C. Department of Corrections for what they claim is a disregard of health measures to limit the spread the coronavirus outbreak inside the D.C. Jail.

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