COVID-19 vaccine side effects: what to expect after you get vaccinated

Now that more and more people are receiving round two of the COVID vaccines, we’re hearing more stories about the side effects. 

The CDC says you can take over-the-counter meds for headache, muscle pain, fever or chills but they don’t recommend taking medication ahead of the vaccine as a precaution. 

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Dr. Sandra Delistathis with Foxhall Internists says most people don’t feel any reaction but if you do feel run down or sick there’s no need for alarm because that’s your immune system kicking in like it’s supposed to. 

Pain, redness, swelling in your arm and even the so-called "Moderna rash" may be expected. 

Women due for a mammogram may want to get one ahead of time or wait four to six weeks to schedule one after being vaccinated. That’s because your lymph nodes may be swollen, causing unnecessary alarm. 

Of course, always consult your doctor if you have an underlying condition or any questions about whether you should get the vaccine.