Bijan Ghaisar shooting: Fairfax County police release new video showing fatal shooting of McLean man

New video has been released by the Fairfax County Police Department showing the fatal shooting of Bijan Ghaisar by U.S. Park Police officers.

The department released the video on Thursday saying that it included additional footage at an alternate angle from a different cruiser.

"This video includes additional footage from the U.S. Park Police fatal shooting that occurred on November 17, 2017, in Fairfax County," said the video's description on the department's YouTube page. "Previously released in-car video was captured on a Fairfax County Police cruiser that provided back-up in the U.S. Park Police pursuit of Mr. Bijan Ghaisar. This additional footage is an alternate angle of the event from another FCPD cruiser."

According to a police report, Ghaisar was shot on Nov. 17, 2017, in Fairfax County by two U.S. Park Police officers. The shooting was preceded by a brief chase police believe began after a fender-bender on the George Washington Parkway in Alexandria. Ghaisar, a 25-year-old accountant from McLean, died 10 days later.

In January 2018, Fairfax County Police released the first dashcam video showing the fatal shooting.

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