Angie Goff has fun with cicadas on TikTok with sundaes, skits

Cicadas have flooded TikTok timelines as Brood X makes its appearance across D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

FOX 5 DC’s Angie Goff  is taking part in the trend!

Angie’s cicada skits have taken the internet by storm, bringing a more lighthearted spin on the troublesome bugs, with her motto in the video being: "Don’t be a hater, love a cicada."

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Her latest skit features her making a "cicada sundae," a creation originally made at Toby's Homemade Ice Cream & Coffee in Arlington. 

Don’t worry, she is not eating real cicadas. Instead, she created a sundae with ice cream and toppings to form the shape of a cicada.

The cicada sundae recipe calls for broken waffle cones and two scoops of ice cream to create the base. Then she adds red M&M’s for eyes, putting them on a cookie that serves as the head and topping it with brown sprinkles. 

In another Tik Tok, Angie gives the internet a skit featuring tiny home objects and you guessed it, cicadas. 

The video features real-life cicadas exhibiting human-like behaviors. Angie created a tiny set for the cicadas to comfortably enjoy their short time outside before they leave us for another 17 years. 

In the video the cicadas are doing everything from drinking tea, to playing the piano, laying out in a beach chair and playing video games.